First Church in Jaffrey

(1831. Originally accommodated in the Meetinghouse.)

The First Church in Jaffrey. April 2016.

From the earliest days the parson's ministration was a central feature of life in the Center. A permanent parson, however, was first engaged in 1782. Until 1831 services were held in the Meeting House. About that time (1830-31) the brick church was built, to which the Congregationalists removed. The site where the new brick church was built had been earlier occupied by a store (David Page's 1805, Luke Wheelock's 1806-07, Goodale & Hosmer's 1807-09). The store burned to the ground in 1809. The brick church was remodelled, repaired, and rededicated in 1896. The pastors have been:
Rev. Laban Ainsworth, 1782-1858
Rev. Ebenezer Everett, co-pastor, 1827-29
Rev. Giles Lyman, co-pastor, 1831-37
Rev. J. D. Crosby, co-pastor, 1837-45
Rev. Leonard Tenney, co-pastor, 1845-57
Rev. John S. Batchelder, 1858-65
Rev. Rufus Case, 1868-75
Rev. Wm. W. Livingston, 1878-1910
Rev. Ralph E. Danforth, 1911-19
Rev. David Torrey, 1920-32
Rev. Lathrop C. Grant, 1934-44
Rev. Anders G. Lund, 1945-52
Rev. Frederic A. Pease Jr., 1953-57
Rev. Walter J. Leibrecht, 1957-58
Rev. Merton E. Sherman, 1858-60
Rev. Arthur H. Bradford, interim, 1960-62
Rev. John H. Leamon, 1962-73
Rev. Alden Mosshammer, 1973-75

         Source: Jaffrey Center, New Hampshire, Portrait of a Village by Coburn Kidd, 1975.

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