The Horsesheds

(1810. Owned and maintained by the Village Improvement Society.)

The Horsesheds from the Meetinghouse Tower. August 2015.

In 1808 the Selectmen were authorized to lay out a strip of ground for the erection of horse stables where the Horse Sheds now are. Two years later they reported that certain responsible citizens had built the said stables and in return had received concessions "only for the space of 999 years" on condition that they keep the stables in decent repair.
         The responsible citizens were Josiah Mower No. 1 (his stall was since removed to make another gateway to the Burying Ground); James Stevens No. 2; Samuel Peirce No. 3; Parker Maynard No. 4; Roger Brigham; No. 5; Jereme Underwood No. 6; Eleazer Spofford No. 7; David Gillmore Jr. No. 8; David Gillmore No. 9; Edward Spaulding No. 10; Moses Worster No. 11; and Abner Spofford No. 12.
         By 1949 the Horse Sheds had fallen into disrepair. A committee of interested citizens, appointed at the Town Meeting that year, undertook to have the sheds repaired at no cost to the town. By the summer of 1954 the work was done. The V.I.S. was made successor to the committee of citizens, and for a nominal sum received the leases from the descendants of the original tenants or their representatives.
         Source: Jaffrey Center, New Hampshire, Portrait of a Village by Coburn Kidd, 1975.

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