Benjamin Cutter Tavern

(1784. Once a tavern, now a private residence.)

The former Cutter Tavern. April 2016.

MAREAN HOUSE (Originally Cutter Tavern)
The red Marean house is one of the oldest buildings in the Center. It was built in 1784 or '85 by Benjamin Cutter as a tavern. He did such a good business "At the Sign of the Fox" that he later sought, and received, permission from the Selectmen to move the Meeting House as interfering with access. Fortunately nothing happened. In 1798 or '99 Benjamin moved elsewhere and was succeeded by his brother Joseph, who, after providing farms off Dublin Road for each of five sons, retired to the tavern in 1802 and lived there many years ("forcible in expression," but "of few words").
         The dwelling house and stables were later owned by William Carter, a stage-driver between Jaffrey and Keene, who died in 1821.
         In the latter part of the century the property was owned by Elbridge Baldwin. Robert R. Marean acquired the "Baldwin place" in 1889, and owned it until 1914. From 1915 through 1926 it belonged to George H. or Clara Lawrence. From 1927 to 1964 Mrs. Endicott (Anna) Marean, who was a Lawrence, owned the place. It is now the property of the Marean daughters: Mrs. Charles (Joan) Comstock, of Bedford, Massachusetts, and Mrs. David (Marguerite) Thorndike, of Manchester, Massachusetts.
         Source: Jaffrey Center, New Hampshire, Portrait of a Village by Coburn Kidd, 1975.