Thanksgiving, Utica, Syracuse, December 2015

LAUNCHED: 2 December 2015.       LAST UPDATED:

Thursday 26 November 2015. Thanksgiving. Left Jaffrey around 9 and headed south to Bolton, CT. A bit foggy at the start; some sun later but mostly a mild gray day. Took secondary roads most of the way: Winchendon, Petersham (very picturesque), Barre, Hardwick, Palmer, Stafford and eventually to Bolton around 1pm. Enjoyed Thanksgiving with Donna, Bob, Rob, Katie plus Mara, Deb & Jon, Brett, Bob & Laurie. Later, watched Train Wreck. What's Hollywood coming to?

Unitarian Church, Petersham, MA.

Thanksgiving at the Munroes.

Friday 27 November 2015. After breakfast I drove into Hartford and out again onto Route 44 driving through Avon, Winsted, and then Norfolk, a lovely town. Stopped to take some photos. I've always liked the town's directional sign on the common. I continued on through Salisbury and Lakeville and into New York State and up Route 22 to Hillsdale, then west on 23, eventually across the Hudson on the Rip Van Winkle Bridge, past Catskill and a few miles further stopped for lunch at the Barnwood Restaurant. Shunpiked my way northwest to Canajoharie, which David Stam had recommended a stop to see the museum. The town, fast beside the Thruway, was once home of the Beechnut company; the sprawling plant dominates the center of the town. Across from it lies the Arkell Museum, the collection mostly of one of the founders of Beechnut. On my way again and eventually ending up in Utica at the end of the day. Found my hotel, the Utica Hotel, built in 1912 and renovated a bit not long ago. Turned out to be a good enough choice, not particularly up-to-date (tube TVs) but a reasonable price for a large room. Fixed myself a drink and later went across the street to a new restaurant—Ocean Blue—recommended by the hotel. It's on the top of a modern building. I went into the lobby and no one around at all. Took the elevator up to the top, the doors opened, and it was packed and noisy! Had some pretty decent fish and chips.

Church of Christ, Norfolk, CT.

Sign in Norfolk, CT.

The Arkell in Canajoharie.

Hotel Utica.

Dinner at Ocean Blue in Utica.

Saturday 28 November 2015. Another gray day. Breakfast at the hotel then checked out. Drove up Genesee Street and stopped at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Museum, another David Stam recommendation. A modern building with a good selection of American paintings. Also, next to it stands what was the Proctor family homestead, done up for Christmas. Got on to Route 5 and went west arriving in Syracuse and found the Craftsman Inn in Fayetteville where David had make a booking for me (and very generously footed the bill). With time on my hands I found a Trader Joe's and stocked up on nuts, then went to the Destiny mall, a mammoth place, and sought out the Apple Store where I solved a couple of computer problems. At 4pm I showed up at the Stams and we had a nice visit until time to go nearby for a gathering of Antarcticans: Doug and Peggy Quinn were our hosts. Attending were Betty Carlisle and Fernandez and Tim and Teresa Dye. Some fine food and conversation.

Munson-Williams-Proctor Museum in Utica.

At the Quinns Saturday night.

At the Quinns Saturday night. Tim, Peggy, David.

At the Quinns Saturday night. Doug, Deirdre.

At the Quinns Saturday night. Margo, Betty.

Sunday 29 November 2015. Left Syracuse around 8 or so after a breakfast at the McDonalds across the road and filling the gas tank. On to the Thruway, past Utica and Canojoharie, exiting at Johnstown. Started cross country from there to Saratoga Springs, then through some great rural settings between there and Bennington, Vermont. I particularly liked the look of Greenwich, NY. Then across Vermont, over the river, through Keene and home again around 3 or so.