The Meetinghouse and its Surroundings

This page includes additional information and images relating to the Meetinghouse and various buildings and sites in the immediate vicinity.

1. THE JAFFREY MEETINGHOUSE (1775. Owned by the Town. The subject of this proposal.)

2. LITTLE RED SCHOOLHOUSE (1822. Owned by the Town; maintained by the Historical Society. One-room schoolhouse.)

3. THE HORSESHEDS (1810. Owned and maintained by the Village Improvement Society.)

4. THE OLD BURYING GROUND (Owned by the Town.)

5. BENJAMIN CUTTER TAVERN (1784. Once a tavern, now a private residence.)

6. MELVILLE ACADEMY (1833. Once a private academy. Owned by the Village Improvement Society. Local history museum.)

7. FIRST CHURCH IN JAFFREY (1831. Originally accommodated in the Meetinghouse.)

8. THORNDIKE STORE (1790. A store into the mid-1800s; now a private residence.)

9. CUTTER PARK (Once the site of Cutter's Hotel which burned in 1901. Now a park owned by the Village Improvement Society.)

10. THE MANSE (1788. Parsonage of Laban Ainsworth, Jaffrey's first minister. Still owned by the descendants.)

11. THE SWALE (Once a water meadow. Owned by the Village Improvement Society.)